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30 January 2012

Effing Delivery Drivers

why can’t delivery drivers fucking use fucking google maps to find my house? is it so fucking hard? every. single. time. i order take-out, i inevitably get the completely unintelligible phone call from the delivery guy (it’s always a guy) who is (at the risk of sounding racist) very foreign and is speaking into his phone through a combination of memory foam and a mouth full of grapes. it really isn’t that hard to find my house. really. if they would just use fucking google fucking maps.

my favor(u)rite one was when the delivery guy was calling me from the shopping center in the middle of city centre (yeah i know i switched between center and centre, i’m international) asking me how he was supposed to get to my “apartment” when the shopping mall was closed. obviously, i don’t live in a shopping mall.

now i’m sure half of you are going “but you might have been wanting a delivery to a place of business” to which i would say “i would have PUT the business name ON the order IF i was hoping to get something delivered to a BUSINESS”


i wonder when my food will arrive.


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