There Seems To Be Some Confusion


i’ve been noticing something over the years about lemon consumption. but first i must share with you that i am (due to some sort of genetic predisposion, thanks mom.) one of those people who eats lemons as if they were fruit. truly. with salt. oh yeah.

[incidentally, i am posting this on my mom’s birthday in her honor, even though she hasn’t found my blog yet.]

i find their sourness paired with salt to be pretty much the most perfect flavor combination. to put this in perspective, when i was around 2 years old, i ate an entire bottle of vitamin C tablets. the regular kind. not what normal humans would consider tasty, or chewable. i call this flavor “sour”. but it  has increasingly come to my attention that many people use the term “bitter” when they speak of lemons or their juice. now originally i had intended to scream at them with typing, but then i realized that i would be screaming at a few close friends and i thought maybe, just this once, on this, the day of my mother’s birthday (The Godfather, sort of, 1972), i would give them the benefit of the doubt. or perhaps just put out a poll to see what the 8 of you who read my blog think they taste like…

depending on how outraged i am with your responses (or lack therof), i will write another post with the results.

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4 Comments to “There Seems To Be Some Confusion”

  1. When I was in elementary school, there was a carnival every year, and one of the carnival treats they had was a lemon with a peppermint stick stuck in it. You sucked on the peppermint stick like a straw, and the acidity of the lemon coupled with the minty sweetness of the peppermint stick was so delicious! I have never seen or tasted anything like it anywhere else, and people look at me like I’m crazy when I talk about how delicious it was. Some people just have no taste (for lemons).

  2. (just so you know, I forward your bloggeries on to your mum-lady as she is much too busy with her schoolmarmshipping job)

  3. oh god no! now she will know that i use bad language and say mean things! :/ this is haaaarible!

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