I’m Sorry Mary Poppins


Dear Mary Poppins,

You seem to have had a run-in with the infamous Irish wind. Earlier this week as I walked around Dublin, I noticed that you had discarded quite a few broken umbrellas into and around various trash bins. I got the sense that you were quite a bit frustrated by having to repeatedly replace your umbrella, and possibly experiencing a bit of rage towards the impossibly small mouths on the trash bins. I’m sorry if you were unduly delayed by our infamous horizontal rain and gale-force winds. I trust that once the weather cleared up, you were eventually able to fly away as you had planned.


I apologize on the behalf of the unrepentant wind and rain, and hope that your opinion of this island was not permanently sullied by one terrible day of weather. I would like to assure you that we do, in fact, occasionally experience days of up to 4 hours of sunshine wherein no wind blows and the temperature pokes above 15°C / 60°F. These are the days we relish and celebrate with bikinis and drinks along the canals and in the squares.


with my condolences,
Sad Panda


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